Uncover the secrets about annuities and how to wisely choose one!

Your Annuity Guide Includes

  • The top annuity myths debunked
  • How to wisely review annuity options
  • The various types of annuities
  • Where annuities fit on the investment scale
  • What questions to ask the agent
  • The basics of self-assessment
  • How annuity riders help address your needs

How can you benefit from annuities?

  • Annuities help defer taxes
  • Annuities cover long term care costs
  • Annuities provide lifetime guaranteed income
  • Annuity death benefits bypass probate
  • Annuity principal is guaranteed
  • Annuities can help accumulate wealth
  • Annuities bypass Medicare means testing

What do our clients say?

“I’ve worked with few people who are as focused on my needs as my agent. His approach is professional, personable, and solutions-based. The entire process was enjoyable and I’m confident in the decisions he helped me make.”

Craig — Reno

“I wasn’t rushed into a decision. My agent was very focused on my situation and how an annuity would best work for me. We met virtually, and it was always a pleasure. Bill is very professional and takes a interest in each person’s individual situation.“

Diane — New York

“Charles took his time and was very patient with me and my wife, which lasted months during the COVID shut downs. He was never impatient or pushy in any way. That made the decision to work with him that much easier.”

Mike — Denver


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